Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Chocolate Fantasy

Eating chocolate in a bad mood I wonder how it would be
If the world was chocolate and it grew on every tree
And thus a fit of gluttony started my chocolate fantasy
Just a mere thought of it was enough to create this rhapsody

Chocolate chocolate everywhere and all that I can see
A chocolate house in a chocolate world surrounded by a chocolate sea
To pluck and eat how ever much and whenever I fancy
Chocolate dresses and even slippers in my fairy tale when I go dancing

A chocolate fountain in my backyard of streaming chocolate fondue
Flowing like water a thick liquid chocolate spew
A snow fall of marsh mallows, would all that I need
And we would even have chocolate chips to sow as a seed

Hot chocolate from the burning Sun constantly dripping
And we would just have to gather it in our cups for sipping
When sun would set the sky would be different shades of sweet, bitter or milk
And clouds would rain chocolate drops tasting of silk

At night it would be chocolate that would fill the sky
And it would be God’s lights peeping through holes called stars,Oh!My
The Moon would be a white chocolate beauty
And from a distance it would tease, casting a chocolate spell so fruity

Having so much of chocolate around would be ecstasy
And even if I and chocolate have a mouth watering chemistry
It wouldn’t be fun anymore if chocolate was so omniscient
So let the world be the way it is, a bar in my bag would be sufficient.

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