Tuesday, February 28, 2012


The hero, Archie Andrews
Always giving wrong cues
A guy so accident prone
Out of Veronica’s house he was always thrown....

Veronica Lodge, nicknamed Ronnie
A pretty lasso, she looked bonnie
But Oh! When she tries to cook or make ginger ale
Her friends ran away from Riverdale....

The very talented Betty Cooper
Her IQ level was super
Involved in a love triangle
In between the two she was forced to dangle....

The Burger King, Jug head Jones
His body was full of lazy bones
In eating conquests he was a regular
With impossible metabolism, an undefeated competitor....

The wannabe star, Reggie Mantle
His practical jokes hard to handle
Always adorned with a mirror and comb
His antics for attention seldom hit home....

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