Friday, January 13, 2012

Sisters make the best of friends!!!

A sister is a sweet joyful piece of your heart
She is someone who lights you up with her spark

With her you love to even bicker and fret
You know you can count on her to keep your secret

With her you will laugh and laugh till you cry
And jump with joy for no reasons why

She is the warmth in your heart in the cold cold days
Always there to cheer you up with her ways

She'll shield you, protect you even from an untoward gaze
She’ll shower you with her well meaning praise

She will be there understanding words unspoken
No time or space can lessen the bond, it can never be broken

She’s the closest friend you’ve ever had
She is the shoulder to lean on when you’re sad.

Her love for you is always true
She’s the God’s bestest gift to you!!!

Sure to bloom

♥♥♥ God never leaves us empty handed,he just removes the unwanted clutter,pulls out the weedy ones from your life to make space for people who would fill your life with fragrance just like flowers :)).... So endure the process of deweeding with a smile ... The flowers are sure to bloom ♥♥♥

Happiness is...

Happiness smiles with simplicity and is yet so elusive
But do we ever wonder why by nature its so exclusive
We always try to catch it and open your hands it’s gone
On the poor it might drizzle and the rich it may forgone

Wait for something for years and may still not happen
But a small thing by happenstance may flood you with its talisman
A child’s small wish of holding your hand may fill your soul
And hordes of money in the wallet may still feel foul

Often searched in riches, success, jewels and glory
Its existence in life is often imaginary and only a story
It’s the small things in life that by it are blessed
In pursuit we keep revolving around materialistic things guessed

It’s a journey towards positive outlook for a lifetime
And when you find it, you can’t keep it within you, its so pristine
The peace and tranquility it brings is immeasurable
Sometimes just being surrounded by your loved ones is substantial

Clouds of love

 They turned into an Angel serene and pure
And a few minutes later they were more like a flower

Slowly changing forms and shapes like an imagination
Innovating shapes and colors of different combination

Floating across regardless of boundaries they immigrated
Making fun, teasing sometimes adulating those imitated

When the sun started to rest melting and fainting
They were illuminated like a life size painting

With deep colors of pink filled and purple silhouetted
Now they looked like an ice cream cone melted

But gliding across the sky these clouds weren’t alone
They were watched intently by two observers forlorn

Eyes focused skywards they saw figures reborn
But in their minds they wanted a world that was their own

Each hesitating and striving to break free and flow
Weren’t sure if what one wanted the other wanted also

Suddenly eyes shining they saw them taking a form unspoken
Now all the uncertainty was shaken and broken

Looking into each other’s eyes they knew it was a start
The clouds had vaporized the shape of a crimson heart!!!

Love the way you are!!!

♥♥ ~~Love the way you are~~ ♥♥

It’s easy to mould your thoughts
I know you’ll give me whatever I sought
It’s easy to ask you what to do and what not
I know you’ll do whatever I say on the dot
It’s easy to change your heart
I know you’ll follow all the nagging on my part
But I don’t want to do any of the above
I wouldn’t want to change you even when push came to shove
Because you are special with all that you share
No one can ever be ‘YOU’ I’m aware

You are the best the way you are!

Attitude changes everything!!

For all the frowning faces in the world
There are a few always smiling
For all the people who turn their backs
There are a few always helping
For all those around you only in their time of need

There are a few always sharing
Its your attitude that can differentiate you from the rest of the world!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My New Year Resolutions"To follow or not to follow"

Everyone makes New Year resolutions, probably to make them feel better
But here are a few that I hope I will follow to the letter:

 I will not pull at my sister’s hair
Or when she’s not looking remove her chair
I'll be good to only scare her sometimes
But Oh! I’m sure with her I’ll tend to mess
So not as much as now but probably just a tad bit less!

I will try to spend more time at the gym
(Not at all because of the instructor I swear)
And I’ll give up the chocolates and Ice cream
In the forever pursuit of toning down and slim
But can’t slog like that forever though
So I’ll wear rather black more often for an illusion of narrow!

I will be less addictive to Cola as I’ve always been,
I’ll stop it altogether and with soup I’ll be seen
I’ll have more healthy drinks and digestive bars
But can I tame my taste buds on bolt
Wouldn't it be like disgusting them and forcing to revolt!

Instead of sleeping and hanging and lazing around
I’ll stop doing all tasks frowned
I will stop being idle and utilize my days
But why do I really have to be so sublime
Since when is riding on one’s imagination a crime!

I’ll altogether be a nicer person and mend my silly ways
Would not scream, shout or shriek away
And try to be far away from doing blunders
But if you really irritate too much
Then Heaven forbid, don’t blame me if you get a taste of thunder!

I know I have made these New Year resolutions
I hope to be able to cope with the above mentions
Knowing that they are for the good
But if to fulfill them I don’t do my best
I’m sure there would be another year, so this year I’ll give them a rest!

The rainbow in me!

♥ They say there are shades in every personality
Mine I would say is the rainbow in me
Multi hued multi colored defining my individuality
The building blocks of me that keep shifting unspeakably
The different shades speaking of their own story
Lovingly basking in their own glory
Infinitely highlighted in its testing times
When the clouds are hovering but the Sun is right behind
To some they are calming but some they shook
They actually are moulded of your own outlook
Know me better of your own speaking mind
I am uniquely me, just one of a kind! ♥

You are Unique!

♥We always try to be someone else, not understanding that in doing that we forget to appreciate our own beauty that lies within, Each one of us is unique ,We only need to celebrate it !!! ♥