Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I am ME!

You tread upon me when you thought you were done
Thinking that you wouldn’t need me for anything again
But when you wanted a favor from me again for once
You pleaded even begged though you did all that in vain

Because stooping so low was not required as I was there still
Again with my support for you in your time of need
Even though there were no promises to fulfill
Ignoring well meant advices to which I paid no heed

Did so not because of any greatness but for your own realization
Your conscience that needed be awakened
Nothing that you will ever do can sway my foundation
My faith and my beliefs will never be shaken

I refuse to be me because of you
I refuse to let your betrayals have the power to change
I will always be me only because of me
My values aren’t imprisoned in your silly games!!!

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