Tuesday, February 28, 2012


We all make mistakes,
Sometimes in trusting someone who doesn't deserves
Sometimes in keeping useless relations we preserve
Sometimes in doing things that hurt
Or saying unintentional words we blurt
And though some mistakes should never be repeated
But some are worth still even if they leave you defeated
Never cease to make mistakes
Even if Life has no retakes
They are the lessons you learn the hard way
So make all the mistakes in life if you may :)


If you are ever down or feeling sad...
If luck isn't favouring and life is mad...
Let your tears flow don't hold back...
Lighten your heart,clear the blurry image ...
So cry a river and make a bridge...
Cross it once and get over with ...

Extraordinary love!

♥ If love was a flower….yours is a fragrant garden I walk everyday
♥ If love was sweet….yours is chocolate so hard to keep away
♥ If love was a drop….yours is rain I love being drenched in
♥ If love was a spark….yours is the countless stars I love gazing
♥ If love was divine…. yours is an angel always by my side
♥ If love was colors…. yours is a rainbow so vibrant and bright
♥ If love was forever…. yours is a diamond, a girl’s best friend
♥ If love was words…. yours is a poem I would read till the end
♥ If love was silly…. yours keeps me smiling for no reason
♥ If love was eternal….yours keeps me going on in every season
♥ If love was blind….yours makes me read every letter in braille
♥ If love was a story…. yours makes my ordinary life a fairytale!
Because….There can’t ever be anything ordinary about love….

So red!

Violet Indigo Blue Green Yellow Orange Red in accordance
Seven colors in God’s rainbow stripe given equal importance
And though I can add Gold Silver and Bronze to the list
Yet Red is the first color to which I was always attracted

I guess it started with teen age when life seemed a love story
Daydreaming, crushes, roses, cute little hearts adding to its glory
Usage of this color was so much in the things above
And thus kindled my superficial romance with the color of love

Even though the teenage dreams were left behind with time
Somewhere deep down its resonance would always chime
Gone to buy something and it would be red that would beckon
T-shirts, dresses, handbags, heels, nail paints collected over time in a red unison

Open my wardrobe and it would be red that would leave me blind
Its bright shine outdoing other colors playing havoc with my mind
Just imagine if I were to wear all I owned in Red from head to toenail
I’m sure I would look like a She-Devil minus the tail

And so I decided consciously one day that enough is enough
I should give a chance to other colors too even though it would be tough
Now my wardrobe is happy with colors of different hues
Red is still there undoubtedly but accompanied by whites, greens, purples, black and also blues


The hero, Archie Andrews
Always giving wrong cues
A guy so accident prone
Out of Veronica’s house he was always thrown....

Veronica Lodge, nicknamed Ronnie
A pretty lasso, she looked bonnie
But Oh! When she tries to cook or make ginger ale
Her friends ran away from Riverdale....

The very talented Betty Cooper
Her IQ level was super
Involved in a love triangle
In between the two she was forced to dangle....

The Burger King, Jug head Jones
His body was full of lazy bones
In eating conquests he was a regular
With impossible metabolism, an undefeated competitor....

The wannabe star, Reggie Mantle
His practical jokes hard to handle
Always adorned with a mirror and comb
His antics for attention seldom hit home....