Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The acts of Nature

In warmth and grace be the absolute glowing energy of the Sun
In soothing hearts be solacing calm that’s inherent of the Moon
In unity be the collective strength of the tiny twinkling Stars
In quenching spirits be the drizzling rain from the Clouds floating afar
In gathering wisdom be the streaming bend of the River that flows
In giving and sharing be the invigorating breath of the air that blows
In concealing faults be the characteristic dark of the Night
In freshness and novelty be like the hope of Morning bright

These are Nature’s acts of sharing unconditionally
The abounding energy of Universe ubiquitously
Nothing is ever lost it’s only transformed
Every sacrifice you do finds a way to come around!!! ~~~ Shilpa Kapoor

You Are Beautiful

♥ Every girl is ♥ BEAUTIFUL ♥ ,it just takes the RIGHT guy to see this ....♥ !!!

Confessions of a shopaholic

“I’m a shopaholic” proudly I announce
Without even a pause or doubt of an ounce
A new top in happy shades simply brightens me up
Ah! That irresistible red pair of heels with a cute bow on top
Those beckoning beautiful earrings that will in my ears jingle

The heart pounding bangles attract me from every angle
The super awesome bag that you just can’t deny
How can I ever see shopping with a lazy eye?
The quickening of the heart on seeing the new merchandise
The neatly stacked piles that absolutely consume you alive
The cupboard might lack space and brimming with a dozen
But I always take to shopping like an angel to heaven
The supreme lust for things you never knew you needed
Still I can shop till I drop and this can always be repeated
The magnetic power of the four letters that say ‘SALE’
My penchant for shopping’s lure are here to prevail
Shopping is a Universal cure that’s better than any therapy
The mere thought of it makes me rub my hands in glee
The brimming feeling of love when I see a new store
It feels like being a teenager again with one’s crush amore
Yes! I am a self confessed shopaholic galore
After all that’s what confessions are made for!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Its all about FAITH ♥ .... You might feel down at time ,At times you'll feel 'why me God?'...Always have Faith ...Probably God is letting you go through some smaller troubles in LIFE to save you from bigger ones... ♥

Friday, December 16, 2011

Soul Food!

I can create majestic worlds when I’m with you
Experiences come out of their hiding and thoughts unabashedly knock
Words tease me to participate in creation new
Poignant, captivating, scintillating, twinkling around me they flock

A blank page awaits eagerly to embrace me with welcoming arms
Tumbling they fall from my mind dancing to its desire
Sculpted, rearranged, they converge to take shapes and forms
Unlocked from imagination’s dark prison they form their empire

At times like a long awaited visitor a momentary view beckons
Simulating a flying carpet ride they carry to places charmed
Non existent magical threads I weave of versatile dimensions
Picturesque beauties formed from mind places swarmed

From the inner spirit glowing silently each word flows out
Attired becoming our guides from beyond they soothe
Imposed images flowing freely satiating ancient droughts
“Writing” you truly are my Soul Food!!!                          ~~~ Shilpa Kapoor

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Soulmates Unite!

Somewhere from beyond the fathomless depth of times
There are memories that exist even in the space between lives
That revoke the feel of love in your eyes, when you held my hand
And then the cobwebs surround me where I lost you and found you again

Somewhere in previous lifetimes in my belief of rendezvous destined
There is our story that transcends past boundaries of time
Where eternal reasoning and explanations elope
As to why my heart remembers your words decorated with tunes of hope

Somewhere you mutually restless desperately trying to remain alive
Remembering cherishing nurturing floating in misty survive
Counting those endless moments trapped in our dispersions
Intertwined with versions degrees shades of yearnings 

Somewhere preordained and designed when it will be time to tryst
For fate to let the veil between those worlds to part and twist
My world will be enchanted with Universe’s intervention divine
Leading our paths to cross etherized breaking all confines

Somewhere it’s just a matter of time when the doors of wholeness open
Till then you exist somewhere everywhere, around me in many dimensions
I don’t have to discover you, true loves outgrows lifetime
And till I find you again, you are always there with me, you will always be mine.    ~~~ Shilpa Kapoor