Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Extraordinary love!

♥ If love was a flower….yours is a fragrant garden I walk everyday
♥ If love was sweet….yours is chocolate so hard to keep away
♥ If love was a drop….yours is rain I love being drenched in
♥ If love was a spark….yours is the countless stars I love gazing
♥ If love was divine…. yours is an angel always by my side
♥ If love was colors…. yours is a rainbow so vibrant and bright
♥ If love was forever…. yours is a diamond, a girl’s best friend
♥ If love was words…. yours is a poem I would read till the end
♥ If love was silly…. yours keeps me smiling for no reason
♥ If love was eternal….yours keeps me going on in every season
♥ If love was blind….yours makes me read every letter in braille
♥ If love was a story…. yours makes my ordinary life a fairytale!
Because….There can’t ever be anything ordinary about love….


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